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At Kinteko, we strive to be the most valued partner for our customers by providing professional services with that small business touch. Our attention to detail ensures that the solutions we deliver will meet and exceed your expectations.

Kinteko's talented team offers a plethora of expertise and experience to add value to our customers needs through relevant implementations, innovatative approaches, and creative results.

As a small business, we are not burdened with corporate red tape. There is no lengthy timeline to go from request to delivery. Proposals are evaluated in a timely manner and action is taken soon thereafter. We keep our customers appraised and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

As a Microsoft Partner, we implement Microsoft technologies and platforms. Where feasible, we leverage third party software into our solutions which increases productivity and delivery times.

Our development staff is passionate about their work. To us, it's more than a career, it's the creativity. We always keep abreast of emerging technologies to ascertain how to leverage them into our solutions in a secure fashion.

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Project Requirements

We work closely with your company to ensure both parties are clear on what is expected of us and what is expected of your company.

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Web Standards

We build your solution to the standards of Microsoft Best Practices, W3C Web Standards, WCAG, and, upon request, Section 508.

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Design Implementation

We use Microsoft technologies and platforms to deliver solutions that are scalable for your future company needs.


Whether you have a small project, a medium project, or an enterprise level project, we can help.